[FoRK] [tt] [silk] Happiness Is A Network Property, Not Just A Personal State

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Apr 6 08:11:21 PDT 2012

We need to write a book on happiness.  Perhaps wrongheaded and inapplicable to anyone else, but maybe not.

Only certain kinds of happiness are relationship related.  For a lot of people, relationship happiness is all they experience or 
know about.
For others, relationship happiness is noise compared to other joys or at worst one of many.  Plus, you can differentiate between 
friends, partner, peers, like-minded shared interest / goal communities, etc.  Each of those has a very different feel, sometimes a 
different grammar in a sense.


On 4/5/12 9:59 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Makes me think of insecure people who are constantly trying to find external validation.
> "OMG ('someone is wrong on the Interweb'), someone posted something I didn't like! I'm going to post it to all my social feeds and 
> troll for others in my social echo-chamber of a circle who think like me so I can feel better about my opinion and convince myself 
> that person was just a dick instead of having to actually use my brain and think about it..."
> Spreads like a headcold.
> Greg
> On 4/5/2012 3:36 AM, Udhay Shankar N wrote:
>> Utterly fascinating - yet if I think about it, not really surprising.
>> Thoughts?
>> Udhay
>> http://nexalogyenvironics.com/physics-and-social-media/happiness-is-a-network-property-not-just-a-personal-state/
>> As just one of the fascinating results of recent research into social
>> networks is the fact that happiness (and sadness) spread through social
>> networks like headcolds. We are influencing — and influenced by — people
>> up to three connections away from us in our social networks.
>>      Social Networks And Happiness, Nicholas A. Christakis&  James H. Fowler

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