[FoRK] Project Glass

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 09:25:06 PDT 2012

I for one look forward to the AR possibilities, getting closer to what
I saw in the SixthSense demo in a Ted Talk and basically finally
getting my gargoylifaction on decades after being told it was Next
I would love for the device to have the option of offloading the heavy
lifting and data connectivity to my trusty and already established
*droid devices. Sure I can see it needing to be a stand alone but I
would find it a waste of computational horsepower to ignore the
compatible powerhouse in my pocket.  "Is that a distrusted
computational/data node in your pocket?" ....why yes....yes it is. Tap
that potential.

I have been having a hoot/riproar/laugh at all the fanboi naysaying on
the idea of the device..or is it that its that the device is not being
introduced by the fanbois clerics? You can tell the cultists are
grasping when the brunt of their naysaying boils down to "well it
looks icky".... I guess we will have to wait till Apple "magicaly"
invents the industry with its soon to be announced fiesta condom
colored iGlasses ...to be followed by Retroactive Patent Claims(tm)
and media white washing.

Oh tech industry, you make me happy to be a stay at home dad.

-tom(first app...aside from the ar ones...vlc with a chin wagging
based transparency slider....yeaboy)higgins

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