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Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 12:21:00 PDT 2012

On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
> You don't have problems with lugging extra batteries around?

In recent years I have shifted my way of mobility. A decade or so back
I was still using mass transit, now I am a mini van ridding stay at
home dad; this means I am never far from the usb charger in the
vehicle. The droids get powerups during the day when I am shopping,
kid shuffling and exploring the still newish area I am living in. As
for spare batteries...my droids all are able to swap out very skinny
replacement batteries. I keep one in my go-tin (altoids tin with a
little swiss army knife, extra droid battery, usb stick, spare checks
for when I have to shop at Costco and forget they do not do regular
CC's) such that when I am away from the car/travelling/on foot I have
one on my person. I have not messed witht he battery on my wife's new
droid razr, it looks a tad bigger and thus not tinable.

> Right now the problem is somewhat spotty 3G and generally congested
> urban 2G/3G/4G wireless.

Before moving from Portland OR to the Denver CO Area this summer I did
not see the problem of 3G dropouts. Here in CO though it is a such a
screwed up situation. Some areas are fine, some are gulags of
deadness...often the boundry between the two is a block.  Waiting by
my youngest son's elementary school I get bupkis ..right around the
corner though there is rock steady coverage but that's where all the
early arriving parents park so I am signal blocked... totally cramps
my BBC 4 listening but does make me more aware of having actual bits
on the actual device I actually want to view/listen/read.

> That should minimize the glitches in the Matrix.

Decentralized matrices with multiple vectors of interconectedness
makes much more sense in real world application than some walled
garden single source iCloudyness. Local is still a playa.

> The promo video is exceedingly obnoxious for Ye Olde Fartes.

If they do not deliver above and beyond what they showed in the vid
they will have themselves to blame for the overreach. For myself I
really could care less about it being some prepackaged end user
perfectionist experience...I want a screen in the eyeballs to do with
has I want. UI is ideology, I have neither the time nor interest to
play jihad with stylistas. Make the gizmo able to suit the devs/users
wants and step out of the way please.

>The only  cloud I trust is my own.

Bingo... There is a long line of services and programs that I have
tried over the years to get the data I want show up where and when I
want it. Some of what is being billed as the "Cloud" is useful to me
so long as that data can be made local for my own devising...email,
music, ebooks, apps, etc....if the service does not allow me the
option to grab the bits myself for what I want to use them for then
the value is lessened, often to the point of zero.

> P.S. I'm told old age cantankerousness is a sign of intelligence.
> P.P.S. It'd better be true, goddamit.

I think what the young see as cantankerousness is simply the
accumulation of knowing that holds claims of greatness to a much
deeper set of historic data points. I do not think you can be truly
disappointed with a lot of the recent crop of "innovations" and
"insanely great" offerings until you have lived long enough  to have
seen layers of the like eventually become just more consumer straight
jackets or out right junk. After a long parade of naked emperors you
might start wondering if there is something better to do with your

-tom(if the gadget does not work for me then I am working for it...feh
on that)higgins.

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