[FoRK] Project Glass

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 12:32:59 PDT 2012

I think many people feel VR needed to be fully immersive. Over the
years I do not think this is a deal breaking requirement.  When my
kids play Minecraft they are in world..in in world. If the tech was
ready and able to be deployed on a consumer scale  then it might make
it cooled to being in some device that turns the experience into some
sort of Johnny Moronic/Matrix thing....but that is not the case now.
Also, how much harder would it be to get them back IRL for the evening
meal? Sure it would be cool to vector into the game as a creeper and
blow them out of the game space...but really... that might get
old....sooner or latter.

AR is a much more attainable goal for now as "Reality" currently comes
with high resolution imaging, smellovision, tingleorama and several
other high bandwidth senses augmentations ...out of the box and with
no extra computational power needed.  For instance if I am walking
near a BBQ place and am smelling the succulent  roasting beast
goodness ...and a 30% off coupon pops up in my Google(tm) Glass(tm)
display ..yea that is going to be a much stronger selling point than a
pop up with out the smell.

Leverage reality ....say it with me folks....leverage reality....

-tom(of course with a vector or two to layer ontop of reality does
reality get altered such that is is no longer "real" reality....we
have been living examples of this for generations (books, audio, tv,

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