[FoRK] Why has the Internet changed so little?

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Apr 8 18:28:20 PDT 2012

On 4/8/12 3:00 PM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> On 4/8/2012 5:36 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> That kind of thing is exactly my point, plus: We can all feel how
>> technology, security, general knowledge / awareness / attitudes have
>> continued to mature, and how creative people are able to be. Plus, we're
>> quickly shredding the big-company oligopoly on innovation, paths to
>> market, and control of revenue, generally to the benefit of customers.
> Bull.  Clearly you've never dealt with Apple and their online app and media store.  They're FAR worse at strangling the market 
> than IBM, Microsoft and Oracle combined.  But hey, they're marketing says otherwise.  Oh, unless you're Australian and call them 
> out for the lies.  Or have an obvious idea that apple's patent lawyers have steamrolled through the PTO.
> I'd like to believe what you suggest, it's unfortunately just not true. 

Not universally true.  Definitely there are issues of certain kinds of openness at Apple.  They are putting customers first in most 
senses, so it's not too bad so far.  Apple broke key music industry and cellular carrier strangleholds, so you have to give them 
some points for moving the market there.  Competition is apparently required to keep them from going all Microsoft monopoly too much 
(iPhone vs. Android).  But we're still not clear there, so I'm not too concerned.  They are a much better benevolent dictator so far 
than past alternatives.  ;-)  I think their paternalistic

I think if you try to prevent an Apple-like juggernaut a priori, you just strangle the market and get the Linux desktop "market" or 
Open Software Foundation / Unix International stalemates.

We don't have the ultimate business models / coopetition in every sense, but it is a lot better than most circumstances in the last 
30 years.


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