[FoRK] Why has the Internet changed so little?

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> On 4/8/2012 5:36 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> > That kind of thing is exactly my point, plus: We can
> all feel how
> > technology, security, general knowledge / awareness /
> attitudes have
> > continued to mature, and how creative people are able
> to be. Plus, we're
> > quickly shredding the big-company oligopoly on
> innovation, paths to
> > market, and control of revenue, generally to the
> benefit of customers.
> Bull.  Clearly you've never dealt with Apple and their
> online app and media store.  They're FAR worse at
> strangling the market than IBM, Microsoft and Oracle
> combined.  But hey, they're marketing says
> otherwise.  Oh, unless you're Australian and call them
> out for the lies.  Or have an obvious idea that apple's
> patent lawyers have steamrolled through the PTO.
> I'd like to believe what you suggest, it's unfortunately
> just not true.

+1.    When it comes to threatening the oligopolies, from Wall St. financials to the resource industries, agriculture and other aspects of food production/distribution and the Wal-Marts/et al in retail, the effectiveness of the internet ranks right up there with ....mmmmmmm..... pissing on forest fires.

The internet is simply free R&D for the oligarchs. When something becomes obviously useful to them they just start using it themselves.


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