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Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Apr 11 14:34:16 PDT 2012

Lol.  Claims to be unbiased are greatly exaggerated.


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Subject: 	Unbiased IT Education
Date: 	Wed, 11 Apr 2012 12:01:06 -0600
From: 	Brent Sutton <TechMentor at 1105Info.com>
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TechMentor 2012

*Unmatched. Unbiased. Unfiltered.*

Hot Topics at TechMentor 2012

* Application Delivery
* MCITP Training
* Cloud Computing
* Security
* Windows 8
* Windows PowerShell

> > Click for full track details. 

Dear Stephen,

At TechMentor <http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e639a21ef8d42356b55397baf28ad7e2d949402a862bd101818ccc50b23514c7c3e>, we 
pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve created a conference that provides unbiased and comprehensive education 
<http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e63db015f55095b475e3195b79a116748d74322004e7d0eba36875ea1a63f7bcf72> for the IT 
community. Our singular conference in 2012 is no different, and the TechMentor mission has not changed: *No IT Pro Left Behind*. As 
always, we are dedicated to taking IT Professionals to the next level at their jobs and in their careers, and believe our move to 
Microsoft HQ <http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e63bdae04dc69a57431f3eba8a2d1f2a80ae05b1a3221684e162c04ab5eca929165> 
contributes to that mission.

In addition to the independent education we’ve always offered, we are proud to share awesome new opportunities that come with the 
location: speakers from the Microsoft Team, a full day of Microsoft’s latest technologies 
<http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e637ee48145ff992e4e690c2203657234197632312d20ffe0fb7fc6fd75ed9360e6> (Windows 8, System 
Center 2012, Hyper-V v3, and more) directly from the people who designed them, and cool campus-only experiences and events 

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to get educated — from a variety of sources — on topics such as Virtualization, Security, 
Windows 8 and Windows PowerShell. *Seating is limited* so I urge you to register today 
<http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e6356f3d497b3386f82956b89c171026a9456a4cf8a4928bce2ebcfc4caf89a733a> to reserve your 
spot at TechMentor 2012!


*Brent C. Sutton
Sr. Event Director

Register <http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e6356f3d497b3386f82956b89c171026a9456a4cf8a4928bce2ebcfc4caf89a733a>

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Register today with your
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Hyatt Regency Bellevue
P.S. Check out TechMentor Redmond's accommodations at the stunning Hyatt Regency Bellevue 
<http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e63bdae04dc69a57431f3eba8a2d1f2a80ae05b1a3221684e162c04ab5eca929165>. Choose the 
Complete Conference & Hotel package 
<http://click.1105info.com/?qs=d73a992aeb351e63d91d603973a978404642b35f72c1f057da3152a9c8bf5ff2bffeba03582470a7> at the super early 
bird rate which includes a 5-night stay!


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