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‘Give me the child for his first seven years, and I’ll give you the man,’

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer <greg at bolcer.org>wrote:

> I'm going to have to completely disagree with that comment. We have
> Servite, Mater Dei, and Rosary here in Orange County at the high school
> level and several academies like St. Margarets and St. Francis. They are
> some of the best academic and sports programs anywhere as measured by
> academic standards and university acceptance anywhere.  Both my kids avoid
> both the very good public schools in my area for the Catholic school
> because it's higher academic achievements, accelerated learning, more
> personal teachers, and smaller class sizes.
> Do you have a lot of experience with religious-group sponsored schools?
>  Not your position specifically, but I see a more general reactionary
> movement to describing public schools as harboring indoctrination more than
> the religious ones.
> Greg
> On 5/14/2012 7:31 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> At the college / university level, I think there are good examples,
>> although it isn't universal. At the high school level and below level,
>> most religious-group sponsored schools seem to have indoctrination as a
>> major component and goal.
>> sdw
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