[FoRK] The most bitter divorce song? (warning: four letter words)

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun May 20 23:28:04 PDT 2012



Few people understand relationships or love, or themselves for that matter, sufficiently to reach productive, happy equilibrium 
before a starter marriage or two.  Or equivalent dating / living-with time, at least past 25 or maybe even 30.

It seems that many college kids in California mostly get the idea that relationships should be play for a long time before you 
get serious if you want to increase chances of being successful.  Having a child and/or getting married early, or even coupling 
up strongly too early, is usually seen as an odd choice.



On 5/20/12 8:14 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Is it Zevon's "French Inhaler"?
> "But tell me: how are you going to make your way in the world, woman, when you weren't cut out for working?
> And you just can't concentrate?
> And you always show up late?"
> Or Liz Phair's "Divorce Song"?
> "And the license said you had to stick around, until I was dead.
> But if you're tired of looking at my face, I guess I already am"
> Or Dylan?
> "And now I understand, after waking enough times to think I see
> The Holy Kiss that's supposed to last eternity
> Blow up in smoke, its destiny
> Falls on strangers, travels free
> Yes, I know now, traps are only set by me
> And I do not really need to be assured
> That love is just a four-letter word"

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