[FoRK] Dallas Texas observations, RT

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon May 28 23:24:08 PDT 2012

Dallas seems nice. Good restaurants and miles of driving to get to anything. A bit warm during the day, but nicely comfortable at night.

Based on local news, few people in Texas that make it on TV have any Texas accent at all. 90% pure US neutral English.

Some guy stole a truck with a guy inside the back, immediately wrecked into several cars, and then fled to a tower crane where he is 
holed up.

Kind of fun to watch modern Russian based RT (rt.com) trying to report on the US, Middle East, etc.

Spotlight with Al Gurnov (on the RT channel, mentioned previously, and still not available to me at home) is doing a long interview 
on "Liberating Software" with Richard Stallman. "Hacking is playful cleverness". "We shouldn't confuse hacking with cracking 
computer security."
Al is Russian, but was raised mostly in England. He keeps construing free software with things being "free" but not freedom in 
communism. "My father told me that you aren't free unless you can buy things."

Interesting, Facebook-ish, but with a more dating slant:
>   The place to be
> You have arrived at the place where you can meet smart, funny, educated, crazy and loveable Russians. In fact, no matter the 
> adjective, that person is sure to be found here.
> MeetFriends connects you with the rest of the world, too!
> It’s a place to meet, converse and discuss the issues of the day, or just hang-out and chat about life. And unlike other services, 
> MeetFriends offers video chat, allowing the user to get to know the real person on the other end, making it all the more personal 
> and meaningful.
> This is a service for people who are interested in meeting intelligent Russian folk and people from all walks of life. Perhaps 
> you’re looking for a debating buddy, or maybe a soul mate? Who knows? Maybe you’ll land a date, or even find your future partner!
> In any case, you’re sure to find a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

"Moscow Tuning Show", apparently a cross between a rave and a house party.

"Spy lamp posts proliferate" (Security cameras?)

"FBI case becomes tool to create a boogeyman out of occupy movement", referring to Fox broadcasts that are using the Ohio case to 
incriminate all other occupy movements. They interviewed a former FBI informant who talks about how he was taught to entrap. They 
found a guy to mention that the movement was powerful enough that it would probably have political prisoners.

"Lawyers take to street in Montreal demonstrating to protest the new law banning protests."



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