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The Girl With The ANSI Tattoo

I enjoyed the David Fincher remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo more than I thought I would. Rather than a shallow and cynical Hollywood cash-in, it's actually a tense, atmospheric, only slightly voyeuristic crime thriller. My favourite part, though, was when Lisbeth Salander begins to solve a 40 year old murder cold case using SQL.

We see her tapping at her laptop as she hacks effortlessly into the Swedish police database, interspersed with green-tinted tracking shots of scrolling text as she types in keywords like 'unsolved' and 'decapitation', though never quite the whole query:

Naturally I couldn't help stitching a few screenshots together in Photoshop, and this is what I got:

Immediately moviegoers will notice that this can't be Oracle SQL - obviously the AS keyword is not valid for table aliases. In fact as we pull back for a thrilling query results listing we see the mysql prompt and giveaway use [dbname] connect syntax and over-elaborate box drawing.

Notice we can just make out the 'FT' of an ANSI left join to the Keyword table.

Finally we get a full-screen shot of the results listing for Västra Götaland:

Here's what we were able to reconstruct in the Oracle WTF Forensics department:

SELECT DISTINCT v.fname, v.lname, i.year, i.location, i.report_file
FROM   Incident AS i
       LEFT JOIN V(ictim?)...  -- presumably v.incident_id = i.id
       LEFT JOIN Keyword AS k ON k.incident_id = i.id
WHERE  i.year BETWEEN 1947 AND 1966
AND    i.type = 'HOMICIDE'
AND    v.sex = 'F'
AND    i.status = 'UNSOLVED'
AND    ...
       OR v.fname IN ('Mari', 'Magda')
       OR SUBSTR ...
AND    (k.keyword IN ('rape', 'decapitation', 'dismemberment', 'fire', 'altar', 'priest', 'prostitute')
       AND SUBSTR(v.fname, 1, 1) = 'R' AND SUBSTR(v.lname, 1, 1) = 'L');

| fname  | name    | year | location  | report_file                      |
| Anna   | Wedin   | 1956 | Mark      | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED |
| Linda  | Janson  | 1955 | Mariestad | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED |
| Simone | Grau    | 1958 | Goteborg  | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED |
| Lea    | Persson | 1962 | Uddevalla | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED |
| Kajsa  | Severin | 1962 | Dals-Ed   | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED |

Shocked moviegoers will have been left wondering why a genius-level hacker would outer-join to the Victims and Keywords tables only to use literal-text filter predicates that defeat the outer joins, whether MySQL has a LIKE operator, and why none of the victims' initials are 'R L'.

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