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weird synchronicity, I started reading this book yesterday:


"A giant has brought war to the fields and towns of England's
heartland. When the British army brings in air support and deploys
heavy weapons he simply melts away, only to form again somewhere else
and deliver another devastating blow. He is called Pantegrel, and he
is a New Model Army—a giant whose thoughts flow through countless
wireless connections, whose intelligence comes from the internet and
real-time camera updates, whose mind is made up of thousands of minds,
each deciding what he will choose to do. He has chosen the joy of the
fight, and his fury is truly democratic—he is me and you. This is a
terrifying vision of a near future war as new technologies allow the
world's first truly democratic army to wrest control from the powers
that be. Taking advances in modern communication and the new eagerness
for power from the bottom upwards, Adam Roberts has produced at once
an exciting war novel and a philosophical examination of war and
democracy. It shows an exciting and innovative literary voices working
at the height of his powers and investing SF with the literary
significance that is its due."

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