[FoRK] Static ec-static intensities of superlative techno-transcendentalizing futurology

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun Jun 3 09:40:34 PDT 2012

So bad it's good.


On 6/2/12 9:49 PM, Gary Stock wrote:
> I was relieved to see Brandon and Jay critique Carrico's outlandishly pretentious style -- so I didn't have to go over there and 
> do it.
> GS
> On 6/2/12 3:00 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Heh. Disasterbatory. " Post-Transhumanist reformation" "mehum (mere human) sheeple types"
>> 'And when I declare that the more assertively "techno-transcendental" varieties of futurological discourse (like the 
>> transhumanists, the singularitarians, the techno-immortalists, the nano-cornucopians, the digital-utopians) are simply extreme 
>> and hyperbolic variations of mainstream neoliberal global developmental policy discourse and mainstream marketing, advertising, 
>> and PR forms, this latter claim shouldn't be seen as undermining the first. Because there is an unmistakably faith-mobilizing 
>> pseudo-transcendentalizing strain to be discerned in this very PR marketing imaginary, deranging us from our present distress 
>> into a yearning toward consumer techno-futures bathed in pastels and robots and cars and DNA helices and chocolate and glossy 
>> hair and youthful skin and golden sex.'

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