[FoRK] So Fight Club and Infinite Jest were both written in 1996...

Joseph S. Barrera III j3 at barrera.org
Sun Jun 3 15:02:40 PDT 2012

NEWSWEEK: What's your history with tennis?

WALLACE: I played serious Juniors, but I burned out. I play twice a week 
with friends.

And with 12-step groups?

I went with friends to an open AA meeting and got addicted to them. It 
was completely riveting. I was never a member — I was a voyeur. When I 
ended up really liking it was when I let people there know this and they 
didn't care.


"You're a tourist. I saw you at melanoma, tuberculosis and testicular 
"Marla, you liar, you big tourist, I need this, now get out!"

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