[FoRK] which film first?

Joseph S. Barrera III j3 at barrera.org
Sun Jun 3 17:54:47 PDT 2012

On 6/3/2012 5:42 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> C would be the ultimate geek / marines / WWII / cryptocryptothriller.  
> But would kids switch to encrypted messages using decks of cards to 
> pass notes in class?? 
They are too lazy. They will just do:


My wife is a public school teacher and cell-phone-pictures of tests are 
rampant... If you are a teacher, you can never reuse a test (or any of 
its questions) if you actually want to teach knowledge instead of just 
proficiency at cheating.

No wonder job interviews are so hellish these days. Hiring companies 
can't trust a single thing written down on paper.

I personally hired an intern in my last weeks at IBM. Just a STELLAR 
record on paper. He was completely unable to make the most trivial 
changes in a python program I wrote. I even interviewed him beforehand 
and asked him lots of challenging questions. My wife believes he got 
someone else to do the phone interview... I think she may be right.

Never trust anyone under 30.

- Joe

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