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Damien Morton dmorton at bitfurnace.com
Fri Jun 22 11:32:50 PDT 2012

I've been thinking about an autonomous personal cameraman.

You wear a unit on your arm, with GPS and a radio that broadcasts your
location, and 5 large chunky buttons labelled ORBIT-ME, LEAD-ME, FOLLOW-ME,

Paired up with that is a drone with a pan-tilt camera and a slightly
modified version of ArduPilot.

GPS on its own might not give the required accuracy. A Ublox LEA-6H gives
around 3m 50% CEP. If you make a poor mans differential GPS with RTKLIB or
GoGPS, and a third GPS unit and transceiver, you can get down to 10-20-30cm
accuracy, which is plenty to keep a human in the frame with 1m either side.

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 1:04 PM, Stephen Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> On 6/22/12 9:19 AM, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> Yeah, it is double plus badass. But illegal. No commercial drones for now.
>> On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 9:03 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer <greg at bolcer.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Haven't you seen taco copter?
>>> Greg
>>> On 6/22/2012 9:00 AM, Lucas Gonze wrote:
>>>> You can't legally make a drone that allows cafes to deliver lattes.
>>>> But you can make a drone that flies coffee from a maker in the kitchen
>>>> to your bedside.
> Clearly, you could send your own drone out to get the latte so that the
> flight is minion not commercial.  Staying under 400 ft. is convenient for
> avoiding a radar signature (i.e. cruise missile mode).  The "line of sight"
> requirement is a little tough, but you could always use a pair of drones
> that have remote cameras pointed at each other for monitoring.  The biggest
> problem is the populated areas rule.  That is fairly stringent for the
> FAA...  In a real plane, you can fly right down to the ground in an
> unpopulated clear area, while you need 500 ft. from any person or structure
> in an unpopulated area (leaving 100 ft gap between you and drones) and 1000
> ft. in a populated area.  I've frequently practiced lost engine landing
> down to 10-20 ft. and flown at 1000 ft. over Helsinki.
> So, if you live in a sparsely populated area and you can see the coffee
> shop from your vantage point, you're all set now, legally.
>>>> So I'm taking bets on how long before there is an alarm clock in the
>>>> bedroom that goes off at the moment your coffee is there.
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