[FoRK] Species Lifespans (was short-term predictions: 2014, 2017, 2022)

Gary Stock gstock at nexcerpt.com
Sat Jun 23 13:34:20 PDT 2012

This concept bodes well for sanity and survival on Earth.

Convince creationists to consume all the ~other~ planets.

They can lay waste... er... get "dominion" anywhere else.

Just leave all us pathetic heathens alone to... "evolve."


On 6/23/12 2:37 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> We simply need to social engineer religious groups to concentrate on 
> "go forth and multiply" to turn their flocks into science-loving 
> rationalist with a mission to convert those heathen planets.  Be all 
> the God you can be.  How to be like Jesus?  Populate the heavens! 

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