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I just had a weird though, maybe there is some precedence?

If we were to do software development in a more organic manner,
accepting the nature of complex systems as being... complex. In such a
setting we might have no blue-print (static source code) to usable for
instantiating new live systems ex nihilo, or the option to take down
existing systems to "deploy an upgrade". The code running the nodes
can be the result of wild mutation or complex generative algorithms.

A mode of development could be to work on prototypes in a lab, a clone
or an isolated node from the production system. When the desired
properties are created in the prototype they would then spread through
the production system by means of a virus which would adapt the new
properties to the running instances individually according to their
unique configuration.

Is it feasible? Would it provide new options? Any research done in
this direction?

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