[FoRK] [fonc] Deployment by virus

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
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Using genetic programming (GP)[1] and spin offs like meta-optimizing semantic evolutionary search (MOSES)[2], you can grow and 
select for useful code.  Programming such a system mainly consists of putting constraints and fitness measures in place and 
providing the system with appropriate building block operations.  Since the building blocks could be used to solve a wide range 
of problems, it is a potentially powerful system for dynamically solving many problems. We'll need a lot more progress, and even 
more CPU/memory/storage/bandwidth, to make this work competitively, but it looks feasible at some point soon.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_programming
[2] http://wiki.opencog.org/w/Meta-Optimizing_Semantic_Evolutionary_Search


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> I just had a weird though, maybe there is some precedence?
> If we were to do software development in a more organic manner,
> accepting the nature of complex systems as being... complex. In such a
> setting we might have no blue-print (static source code) to usable for
> instantiating new live systems ex nihilo, or the option to take down
> existing systems to "deploy an upgrade". The code running the nodes
> can be the result of wild mutation or complex generative algorithms.
> A mode of development could be to work on prototypes in a lab, a clone
> or an isolated node from the production system. When the desired
> properties are created in the prototype they would then spread through
> the production system by means of a virus which would adapt the new
> properties to the running instances individually according to their
> unique configuration.
> Is it feasible? Would it provide new options? Any research done in
> this direction?
> BR,
> John
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