[FoRK] Fwd: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever [lost decades]

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jul 19 18:44:47 PDT 2012


On my 12 hyperthreaded core (i.e. 24 effective core), 64GB Mac, I 
reconfigured the number of processors and memory in my Windows 7 VM, 
because it is a pig.  Then, because the "hardware" changed too much, I 
spent 10-15 minutes on the phone with an automated system, typing 48 
digits into the phone, then 48 digits into the dialog box, then waiting 
a while, verifying "that your copy of Windows is genuine" before I could 
continue.  I did an OS update and recompile in the Linux VM while I 
waited once I was done confirming my using-MS-products-again stupidity.  
Shame on me. Then it took 3 update/reboot cycles until it was ready to 
use.  By that time, I'd lost interest and began porting the code to OS X.

Everything is quickly approaching a solid technical baseline that leaves 
Microsoft in the cold in most ways:
Linux on the server, HTML5 or Java/C++/OC++ on IOS/Android on mobile 
(with IOS questionable for the long run), HTML5 (HTML/CSS/Javascript 
plus C++ extensions) or Qt or Java on the desktop, any desktop.  Nothing 
else matters because it will dwindle in currency, competitiveness, and 
interest ever more rapidly.

There's plenty of settle left on the server side, on Linux. Anything new 
that emerges for desktop development will necessarily be 
cross-platform.  Anything new that emerges for the server will 
necessarily assume Linux, VMs, etc.

Office is facing different kinds of existential threats than Windows, 
but it is nevertheless highly exposed and evolving far too slowly to 
survive the coming phase change.

The only question is how quickly Windows and Office will fade or be 
upstaged.  I think I know one interesting path, but we'll see.

Microsoft could easily pivot and recover, but they've shown every sign 
of being too thick-headed and thick-bellied to do anything serious about 
it.  And we're probably better off for it.  I could solve their 
problems, but they wouldn't listen even if they heard me, any more than 
McNealy listened by my suggestions a decade ago.

All that said, this is just a blip from a write-down apparently. MS has 
plenty of cash, still has a lot of suckers hooked, and has plenty of 
maneuvering room.  They could surprise, but past performance leads to 
the conclusion that it wouldn't be a nice surprise.


On 7/19/12 4:55 PM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Holy crap.
> Windows and Office should be rainmakers for the rest of our lives.   
> If they can't make money on that, what the hell are they doing?
> Greg
> On 7/19/2012 4:35 PM, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
>> WOW.
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>>      [1]HangingChad writes "Microsoft's announcement of [2]a late 
>> October
>>     release date for Windows 8 was eclipsed by its earnings report, in
>>     which the computer giant posted [3]its first-ever quarterly loss 
>> since
>>     going public in 1986. The loss stems from Microsoft's continued
>>     struggles with the online services division."
>> References
>>     1. http://www.dvfreelancer.com/
>>     2.
>> http://tech.slashdot.org/story/12/07/18/217234/windows-8-release-date-october-26th 
>>     3.
>> http://marketday.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/19/12837611-microsoft-reports-first-quarterly-loss-ever?lit 
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