[FoRK] Fwd: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever [lost decades]

Robert Thau rst at ai.mit.edu
Thu Jul 19 20:15:50 PDT 2012

Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
 > Holy crap.
 > Windows and Office should be rainmakers for the rest of our lives.   If 
 > they can't make money on that, what the hell are they doing?

Losing about $1 billion a *quarter* on their me-too search engine;
totally blowing their early lead in smartphones; acquiring the team
that did the once-popular Sidekick, destroying that product with
technical neglect, and destroying their next project (the abortive
"Kin") with toxic internal politics; killing off exciting prototypes
like the abortive "Courier" project because they aren't focused around
their existing cash cows; and generally stagnating.

The reported 4Q loss comes from a $6.2 billion write-down from a
failed acquisition, most closely related to the online division
containing the search engine.


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