[FoRK] Fwd: Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever [lost decades]

Joseph S. Barrera III joe-ml at barrera.org
Thu Jul 19 20:57:59 PDT 2012

 From my perspective:

MS Office is unnecessary. LibreOffice is just fine. I can't stand MS 
Office > 2003 anyways. Office 2000 is all I ever needed.

But Windows... Windows 7 is rock stable for me on any number of 
computers. And the one advantage that Windows still has is that if you 
want to install software, you just grab a single universal .msi (well, 
if you care, you can choose between 32 and 64 bit), and it will just 
work. DLL hell is a distant memory.

Whereas on Linux, installation is a mess. Sometimes there's an .rpm for 
you, sometimes you have to actually build the thing yourself. There's no 
technical reason for this, as far as I can tell, but in real life it's a 
pain in the ass.

I'll probably run Windows 7 until it EOLs... and then switch to Linux at 
that point, since Windows 8 is so unusable.

- Joe

P.S. Ironically in the past few weeks I have become an RPM wizard, 
writing .spec files and learning all sorts of minutiae... maybe this 
sort of knowledge will change my mind about Linux installation. Dunno.

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