[FoRK] "computers instead of hands"

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Sun Jul 22 08:32:29 PDT 2012

People already give up freedom for security (insert overused Benjamin 
Franklin quote here).  What's the player piano tradeoff?  They give up 
autonomy for income?  If you give up a small amount of autonomy for a 
small amount of security through income, are you really better off dead? 
  I've known friends who have told me at different points in their 
lives:  if I ever get married (or to someone like that) shoot me, if I 
ever have kids shoot me, if I ever gain 30 pounds shoot me... ;-)


On 7/22/2012 7:15 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:

> One could argue the sense of being other than drones is the problem, not
> the other way around.  Being able to do otherwise is a recent
> phenomenon.  Who's to say the world isn't simply correcting itself,
> returning to normalcy?
> Likewise one has to wonder if lifespans are short of a reason.  By the
> time you live long enough to dwell on the realities, you're better off
> dead.  For your sanity as well as the overall health of the ecosystem.
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