[FoRK] occupy - deliberative democracy

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at radicalcentrism.org
Fri Aug 10 12:41:38 PDT 2012

On Aug 10, 2012, at 12:08, Damien Morton <dmorton at bitfurnace.com> wrote:

>> http://cdd.stanford.edu/polls/california/
>> http://www.cafwd-action.org/pages/november-ballot
>> If this works, it could provide the same sort of "moral force" you describe.   I personally think it could even 'scale up' to replace many (if not all) the current functions of our legislatures.
> One could imagine large numbers of these random deliberative bodies
> being formed up to evaluate proposed legislation - essentially acting
> as a large jury for each legislative act.
> Randomly selected into a pool, then randomly selected into
> working-groups  AND sequestered, such bodies would be essentially
> incorruptible.

Exactly! Basically it uses statistical methods to scale up the random citizen bal-lot used in ancient Greece!

If we can make this work, it would revolutionize democracy as we know it. 


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