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J. Andrew Rogers andrew at jarbox.org
Wed Aug 15 11:57:26 PDT 2012

On Aug 15, 2012, at 10:43 AM, "Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo" <ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Thanks Jeff.  I actually found this link in the article to be even more interesting.  Obviously she found it very interesting, too, since she linked it not once but twice, intentionally.
> http://www.esquire.com/features/young-people-in-the-recession-0412

While I do not disagree with the basic thrust of this article, it is fully of misleading and dubious assertions. For example:

"The federal government spends $480 billion on Medicare and $68 billion on education... Across the board, the money flows not to helping the young grow up, but helping the old die comfortably."

It is ignorant and/or disingenuous to imply that the Federal government materially funds education. Government already spends more on education than it does on Medicare or defense. This fails as evidence of government spending money on old people instead of young people.

Further down the page, the notion that requiring a photo ID to vote materially disenfranchises young voters is another dodgy bit of rhetoric that pollutes discussion of an important topic. 

And so on. Every big problem is an opportunity to demagogue for personal political preferences that have nothing to do with the problem. (see also: climate change)


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