[FoRK] Newsroom score: American Taliban

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Tue Aug 28 16:46:44 PDT 2012

That's stupid.  In California it's easy to go down to the DMV and get a 
government issued ID.  It's not a driver's license and it's not a 
passport, so people who think that's what required are intellectually 

On 8/28/2012 4:40 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> Good show.  Good timing.  Good summary.
> Editor's note makes a good point; that should have been a footnote in
> the show.
> Some in the Tea Party weren't in this ilk, however that is the essence
> of what bubbled to the top or otherwise co-opted the movement and became
> the effective platform of the amorphous group.
> The yet another power grab on Voter ID is, again, so blatant that it's
> hard to believe they do this kind of thing in front of everyone and with
> full public record.
> http://front.moveon.org/what-we-already-knew-about-the-tea-party-and-the-newsroom-finally-said-out-loud/?rc=daily.share
> sdw
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