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Is there also a conspiracy by local government not to report this voter fraud to the Federal government?
Recent stories have cited 86 or 26 verified cases of voter fraud, nationally, in the last 6 or so years.  Were they all in Garden 
Grove?  If not, what's wrong with the local election board that has prevented them from reporting these problems?  Where are links 
to proof that this has happened?

As long as the effect of actual voter fraud is less than the effects of disenfrancisation by any supposed remedy, and especially 
when it is far less, such remedies are wrong and generally illegal.

Here's what I found in 2 minutes:
Essentially, practically no voter fraud up through 1996:
> Despite allegations by an anti-illegal immigration group that large numbers of noncitizens will be voting in Tuesday's election, 
> investigations by state and local agencies over the years have turned up no evidence of widespread fraud.
> California Secretary of State Bill Jones said his office would look into complaints presented by any "reputable source." But he 
> added that an extensive investigation launched two years ago in response to complaints from a Los Angeles citizens' group, found 
> only a few, isolated cases of fraud. Many suspected problems had legitimate explanations, such as people with almost identical 
> names turning out to be relatives living at the same address, he said.
> "A lot of cases were perceived to be fraud but didn't turn out to be," Jones said.
> Wally Wade, Orange County assistant district attorney, said he could find only two cases of noncitizens prosecuted for voting in 
> this county. One, a French national who said he voted in 1984 to show how easy it was, pleaded guilty to a felony. The other, a 
> Canadian national, was convicted last year of a misdemeanor for votes cast in 1990 and 1992.
> Nevertheless, reports of widespread voter fraud have surfaced repeatedly in the past decade.
> In 1994, complaints by Republican Party activists held up the count of absentee ballots in the U.S. Senate race between Dianne 
> Feinstein and Michael Huffington until a judge ordered it to continue.
> An examination of voter registration rolls by associates of Huffington, who lost the race, later turned up no conclusive evidence 
> of fraud.

Ah hah, there was voter fraud in Garden Grove!  It was perpetrated by Republicans trying to disenfranchise targeted voters with 
misleading and illegal mailings:


>     Saturday, October 21, 2006
>       Republican voter fraud investigation likely to spread
> Richmond, Virginia -- October 21, 2006
> */The Los Angeles Times/*is reporting that the investigation of a Republican voter fraud scheme in California is likely to spread. 
> The scheme, aimed at naturalized U.S. citizens of Latino heritage, has derailed the congressional campaign of Republican Tan 
> Nguyen and officials are investigating whether the campaigns of any other Republicans are involved.
> Nguyen's scheme involved a letter, sent to 14,000 voters with Latino surnames, which claimed that naturalized U.S. citizens who 
> attempted to vote would be jailed or deported. Thankfully the scheme was detected in time and the damage is being undone by 
> community volunteers spreading the truth.
>         Isabel Procopio, a janitor and volunteer for Strengthening Our Lives, said she was knocking on doors in Garden Grove on
>         Saturday as part of a campaign to encourage voter participation. Of the 30 doors she approached, she found 10 residents
>         who had received the letter. "Many people told me they are really afraid," she said. "They also said they were angry. I'm
>         telling them not to let racist Republicans intimidate us." [1
>         <http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-me-letter21oct21,1,5609803.story?ctrack=1&cset=true>]
> In recent weeks,--and despite the fact that Republicans are trailing in most polls--President Bush and Vice President Cheney have 
> been almost eerily cheerful about Republican prospects in this year's mid-term elections. Are they counting on voter fraud and 
> dirty tricks to turn the tide for Republicans?
> Hopefully the investigation in California will serve as a shot across the bow of other Republicans contemplating such a move. 
> Nevertheless, state and federal authorities need to aggressively pursue and investigate any rumors of election fraud BEFORE 
> election day. Faith in American Democracy is at an all-time low: we cannot afford to let a crooked political party steal an 
> election. The consequences to our Democratic form of government would be disastrous.
> Update #1: The FBI is probing the theft of voting software in Maryland. The software is of the kind used with Diebold voting 
> machines and could be used to alter results. What do Bush, Cheney and Rove know and why are they so confident of Republican 
> victory this year?The Washington Posthasthe story here 
> <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/19/AR2006101901818_pf.html>.

So, Greg, you're right: There was voter fraud in Garden Grove, of a very similar kind to what most of us here are railing against. 
If you are against the proven voter fraud in Garden Grove, fraud by Republicans attempting (and surely partially succeeding) to 
disenfranchise valid voters they don't like, then you are in violent agreement with (pretty much all of) us.

Set - Spike - Point!  ;-)


On 8/29/12 9:18 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> I meant to say "I think there's an endemic concern for voter fraud."
> It's based on my own experiences.  In particular the long running issues in Garden Grove.  These issues aren't democrat or 
> republican.
> I have an informed opinion based on personal experiences and the abundance of news stories across multiple news outlets the past 
> 10 years.
> I don't feel any shame for people disconnected from me.  In fact, I feel quite informed and intellectually honest.
> As for the rest of the stuff below, man, you need a good long vacation if those are the only two worldviews you can fathom.
> Greg
> On 8/29/2012 8:56 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
>> How much more plain must I make this for you?
>> I don't read any GOP conspiracy into this.  And, I certainly don't feel
>> threatened by an opinion.  I feel threatened by an intent to deceive,
>> and ongoing attempts to grant such deception total control over our
>> society and government.
>> When you make a statement as multiply absurd as this:
>> | I think there's a endemic concern for voter fraud.
>> ...you reveal yourself as uninformed (about ~actual~ voter fraud).  Or,
>> if you ~are~ informed, then deceptive (about what ~you~ truly "think").
>> Or, some despicable and selective melange of both failures, exploiting a
>> self-imposed "concern" manufactured and fertilized to provide plausible
>> denial to a range of liars in the GOP.
>> Only uninformed people would accept such a claim about voter fraud.
>> Among informed people, only GOP lackeys would defend the notion that you
>> ~do~ think what you ~claim~ to "think."  (And even then, they don't
>> ~believe~ you think it; they simply realize "Oh, I gotta defend Greg's
>> assertion as valid, because it's conservative dogma and we need it to
>> beat the [name hated social entity here].")
>> Either alternative is deeply disturbing.  And both are beneath you.
>> That policy -- of lying flat out, without regard for facts -- is now
>> being publicly acknowledged by GOP operatives.  Is there no shame?  Have
>> YOU no shame?
>> Fuck, man.  It doesn't matter which side does that shit.  People are fed
>> UP with it.  Leave that shit to professional liars.  Please fucking STOP
>> pretending that shit.
>> GS
>> On 8/29/12 10:14 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>>> Thanks, Gary.  I merely read SDW's post and responded with my own
>>> personal opinion.
>>> If you are reading some GOP conspiracy into that, you have problems
>>> bigger than feeling politically threatened by my opinion, my friend.
>>> Greg
>>> On 8/29/2012 6:42 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
>>>> I suspect it was obvious to everyone else, Greg:  when confronted over
>>>> GOP distortions of reality, both you and the GOP invoke even ~greater~
>>>> distortions of reality.
>>>> Perhaps the difference is that the GOP has began acknowledging that
>>>> policy.
>>>> GS
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