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Wed Aug 29 13:13:56 PDT 2012

My mom didn't have a driver's license or passport for the last ten
years of her life. She didn't drive or travel, and going to the DMV
was beyond her ability.

When she moved out of home, right at the end of her life, she had to
get on a plane, and that required a government ID that would also have
qualified her to vote. To make it happen I flew from California to
Maryland to take her to the DMV for a non-drivers license, rented a
van and wheelchair, went to her house, escorted her to the desk at the
DMV, brought her home again.

With voter ID requirements that's what it would have taken for her to
be able to vote.

Before retirement she worked as an aide to a couple members of
Congress, and her vote was well reasoned to an extreme.

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Marty Halvorson <marty at halvorson.us> wrote:
> SDW wrote:
> "will a more accurate vote (poll of the enfranchised) be accomplished with
> or without the new voter ID laws?"
> With voter ID.  As anyone knows, most voters don't have a clue about who or
> what they're voting for.  If a voter ID is required those who want to cast a
> reasoned vote will get an ID.  Those who don't, won't.
> SDW wrote:
> "represents a coordinated series of illegal actions deliberately targeting
> disenfrancisation."
> I seriously doubt that requiring an ID to vote is an illegal act. Perhaps
> you could cite some law?
> Gary Stock wrote:
> "ask for ID in OC -- where dishonest people apparently congregate!"
> And New Mexico.  Only here the Secretary of State (being the person in
> charge of 'honest' voting) investigated and claimed only two cases of voter
> fraud existed.  I personally know more than 3 people who have told me they
> voted illegally.
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