[FoRK] LA Traffic - solution?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 31 15:52:05 PDT 2012

It's the streets near the university that're the worst.  That and cabs 
and/or tour buses along Pennsylvania.  I'd imagine Dupont on skates is 
certainly a skill to develop.

Skating the whitehurst would certainly offer a nice view.  But the 
concrete there would be a little rough on the inline wheels, as opposed 
to asphalt.  But underneath it has improved too, with a paver path along 
the waterfront.  Not for bikes though, but a lot nicer than the ratty 
parking lots that used to be down there.  They're apparently putting an 
ice rink down there too.

Stephen Williams wrote:
> I have skated it many, many times, both on the main route, M St to
> Pennsylvania, and side streets and from the end of the Capital Crescent
> Trail along the water and up through Foggy Bottom (a nice route).  And I
> got to skate Whitehurst Freeway one time when it was closed.  Now that
> is the route out of Georgetown to take!
> It's not too bad.  Well, skating fast around roundabouts in heavy
> traffic takes some experience.  But not bad.
> My DC startup(s) were on Pennsylvania on the NW corner of Washington
> Circle.
> Bethesda is a good run to downtown, so that's not the same as Georgetown
> to K Street.  You could easily walk the latter.

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