[FoRK] LA Traffic - solution?

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Subject: Re: [FoRK] LA Traffic - solution?
>"I invoke duck typing on any derivative of a jet plane that is substantially similar."

Fair enough. Lets call it semantic differences.

>"All-electric passenger aircraft in the jet aircraft categories have been explored and analyzed, in 2007-2009 apparently.
Technology news: July 2007"

Superconducting motors could propel all-electric aircraft

Researchers in the US are predicting that superconducting motors could be used to propel a new generation of all-electric passenger aircraft which, they say, will be quieter, more efficient, less polluting, more controllable, and cheaper and easier to maintain than today’s jet aircraft. The researchers, funded by NASA and the US Department of Defense, suggest that future aircraft could be fuelled using liquid hydrogen which could also be used to cool the propulsion motors down to the cryogenic temperatures needed to achieve superconductivity."


Cool, as in super-cool. However, if one is carrying hydrogen fuel on 
board for super-cooling, and for fuel-cell derived EMF, I suspect the 
efficiency of using it as fuel in a standard config will be more 
efficient than fuel-cell/super-conducting electric motors, at least initially. I definitely agree with the replacement of ancillary systems (i.e. 
hydraulics, etc.) though.

Thanks for the diversion. Now we return to the regularly scheduled thread...


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