[FoRK] Infinite unsubscribe?

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Sep 8 14:52:44 PDT 2012

The only faxes I get anymore are spam.  Sending faxes costs me $0.05 or 
$0.10 per page.  While it occasionally comes in handy, I am very close 
to dropping that service.  I don't even look at any fax with a missing, 
invalid, or toll-free number anymore.

I suspect that they felt they had to have email / web to get any 
response.  Few people use fax anymore.

To solicit via email they have to have an unsubscribe method or be 
exposed to anti-spam laws, which have teeth for at least narrow abuses.


On Sat Sep  8 14:12:18 2012, Gary Stock wrote:
> A reasonable way to avoid the fate sdw had planned for them ;-)
> Fax also may be a "winnowing-the-gullible" equivalent of saying:
>    Dear Sir, SEEK YOUR URGENCY ASSIST!! Please asking from
>    me in the plain need for dependable and trust friendly.
> If you'd fax a document... you're exact who they am seek assist!
> GS
> On 9/8/12 4:11 PM, geege schuman wrote:
>> Fax?
>> On Sep 8, 2012 4:02 PM, "Stephen Williams"<sdw at lig.net>  wrote:
>>> So, yet again I'm getting emailed notices from these bozos trying to
>>> sucker in people with domain names who are not savvy enough to realize that
>>> they are getting snookered.  These companies send offers to renew or submit
>>> the domain to search engines or whatever, usually for exorbitant fees.
>>> So, down in the fine print they do have an unsubscribe URL:
>>> http://smsmessager.com/url/
>>> The problem with opt-out is that I have many domains and, for most of
>>> them, a nearly infinite number of email addresses.  Can you think of any
>>> problem with using my 10Mb of uplink bandwidth to begin the process of
>>> unsubscribing all of those email addresses?
>>> I bet my ability to pay for bandwidth will outpace their ability to pay
>>> for servers and storage.  At least until they add a captcha. Rats, foiled
>>> by my own invention.
>>> The beginning of the notice:
>>>   Attention: Important Notice
>>> Complete and return by fax to:
>>> 1-212-257-7059
>>> 743 Gantt Ave.
>>> Suite # G446
>>> Sarasota, FL 34232
>>> United States of America
>>> sdw

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