[FoRK] Pwnage, brought to you by DirectTV

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Sat Sep 8 18:24:50 PDT 2012

You can split it anywhere in between the dish and your set-top.  They 
can break into the wall and split it.

Second, pirate cards are easy.  Even easier is cloning someone else's 
from any number of methods.

Direct TV in the past has introduced a number of cards

-P1 Direct TV cards
Also known as F cards, they P1 Direct TV cards were used until the year 
1997, the F cards pictured a satellite in the front

-P2 Direct TV Cards
P2 Direct TV cards dubbed as H cards were introduced in the year 1996, 
although looking exactly the same as the P1 Direct TV cards, they had 
extra features and they were in existence till the year 2002

-P3 Direct TV Cards
P3 cards, the next generation cards are nicked as HU cards are fool 
proof and crack proof, that's what Direct TV claimed, but hacked 
versions started turning up in the grey markets. Hu cards were 
introduced in the year 1999 but they are no longer supported. The cards 
featured a picture of a football player in the front. Hu cards usually 
came with the receivers with serial above 0001 700 000, since high 
piracy plagued the system it is no longer supported and was remove from 
the system.

-Direct TV P4 cards
The current generation P4 cards were introduced in the market in 2002 to 
succeed the highly pirated p3 cards. They are also called "access card #4"

With piracy becoming a pain for Direct TV it introduced the fourth 
generation is0 7816 smart cards, they co exist with the p4 cards but 
they seem to have some compatibility with the p4 receivers

On 9/8/2012 12:38 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> The premises distribution is in a wall box in our closet.  That's where
> the one-way splitter should be to filter any outgoing traffic.  There
> could be another one at the distribution splitter: I.e., the ports on
> that / those should be unidirectional.
> Anyway, you can't get free service that way.  You could amplify and wire
> the antenna signal to every dwelling in the city and it wouldn't be
> illegal or make any difference.  You have to do a DRM decode in the "set
> top box" based on a particular smart card key to recover anything useful.
> At least we don't have GB's crazy TV / antenna tax.
> On 9/8/12 7:41 AM, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>> Are you sure someone hasn't just split the cable to get free service?
>> Greg
>> http://tinyurl.com/9zszskx
>> On 9/7/2012 10:07 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>>> Correct.  The building's owners don't allow cable.  Either one of the
>>> two satellite providers or nothing.  Apparently, the owners don't like
>>> Comcast.  Or Comcast won't cut them in on the revenue.
> sdw
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