[FoRK] Presidential Debate 2012

Joseph S. Barrera III j3 at barrera.org
Sat Oct 6 16:34:38 PDT 2012

I thought that was pretty funny, until I realized it was Scott Adams, 
whom we are all supposed to hate now, and now I realize that it wasn't 
funny at all. Which is too bad.

- Joe

On 10/6/2012 4:05 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I didn't watch the entire debate but I tuned in just in time to watch 
> Mitt Romney use the President of the United States as a bar rag. I 
> wondered if I was the only viewer who was thinking that one of the 
> worst public speakers of all time was drop-kicking one of the best 
> speakers of all time, but I see today that most pundits agreed on two 
> points:
>  1. Romney lied 500% more than President Obama.
>  2. Romney totally won the debate. 

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