[FoRK] Mesh Networking and Web Applications

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Oct 17 09:01:42 PDT 2012

There's a commercial product that works for Windows to maintain a 
stable session regardless of what happens to the underlying connection 
types.  It is essentially a reconnectable VPN.  Forget the name, but it 
is used by utilities and others for their workers in the field to tie 
laptops to the enterprise LAN / cloud.

Really wouldn't be hard to hack something like that on top of OpenVPN 
or similar.  Depends on what you want to run over it.

Sounds like you need a better mesh network system.  Although not 
perfect, obviously the cellular voice/data networks work pretty well 
most of the time for handover.  They rely on constant monitoring from 
multiple towers of the current and likely next best tower and 
coordinate the switch.  You have to have that to enable smooth handover.

On Wed Oct 17 04:33:19 2012, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 06:48:32AM -0400, Michael Cummins wrote:
>> I know someone who is running a wireless mesh network over a couple of
>> square miles.  It works great if you're standing still, but for users that
>> are constantly mobile and using local intranet based web applications, it's
>> almost unusable because they keeping having to reset their sessions as they
>> move from node to node.
> mosh seems to be able to handle session handover.
>> Regarding the mesh networking, is there a better mousetrap these days?
>> Running hard lines to support a traditional wireless network is not an
>> option at this location.
> Have you tried Byzantium Linux? I would however put up a bunch
> of Ubiquiti boxes on LoS poles, and use an omni to cast a local
> cell.
>> I've got a couple ideas on how to circumvent losing the session from an
>> application standpoint, but I think it will still feel a little clumsy as
>> the mobile devices pauses to reconsider its networking as it moves about the
>> mesh field.  Bad assumption?
> What kind of protocols are you going to use?
>> Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!


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