[FoRK] Why Do So Many Republicans Really Hate Obama?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Fri Oct 19 19:03:12 PDT 2012

On 10/19/12 5:09 PM, Bill Kearney wrote:
> If I had to guess I'd say the cold weather of the northern climes tends to drive a lot of the nonsense out.  Sorta like a frost 
> killing the mosquitoes. Venture to where the weather's less harsh and the nonsense seems to dial up. There's exceptions, of 
> course, but I'd venture those have more to do with isolation than climate by itself.

Exactly.  Long periods of cold weather, often being far from safety, make you appreciate fragility and common needs.

For a long time after we moved to the DC area, when we met friendly people they turned out to be from Ohio a disproportionate amount 
of the time.  I eventually decided that a combination of the cold, sparsity, and often-bleak and far away horizons (drive across 
Ohio in any direction in the winter, gazing miles across desolate corn / wheat / soybean fields) made one tend to appreciate the 
stark warmth of another human.

Whereas in NYC and maybe Chicago, constant exposure to too many other humans tended to cause a general repulsion which probably 
becomes a bit of a habitual baseline.  There must be some related dynamic in the south, or they just go crazy from having their 
brain baked too often in the literal sense.  The dynamic in the DC area is probably multifaceted with once-southern locals resenting 
the northernization of the rich half of the state, many different immigrants and diplomats, cautious government workers with 
security clearances, etc.

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>> I left the hinterlands of Northern Ohio a long time ago, but I have to say that my impression is that even rural areas there are 
>> surprisingly sane compared to many other areas of the US. 


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