[FoRK] Insurance coverage, Big Data/Open Data, Amanda F*cking Palmer & the U.S. Presidential Debate

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Sat Oct 20 23:28:04 PDT 2012

I was saving this to read, and now I have and realized that it was time 
What's the current status?

Who is or has a friend-who-will-retweet with more than 16K followers?

On Mon Oct 15 11:08:14 2012, B.K. DeLong wrote:
> What in gods name do any of those have in common? Well, first read this:
> http://www.amandapalmer.net/blog/20121015/
> Boston-based musician Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer - married to famed
> UK-based author Neil Gaiman) was tweeting on a train ride back home about
> an experience she had as a musician in her 20s lacking health insurance.
> Her parents had watched her step-brother die  - he was sick from a disease
> while uninsured 0 and was fighting with her to get insurance. The just of
> it is they helped her with it and she was lucky. So she conducted an
> informal poll with fans on Twitter starting last night using the hashtag
> #insurancepoll and it has gone wild.
> Mid-morning she started trending nationally in the US, a couple hours later
> - in the UK as well. She has gotten millions of tweets after asking for a
> simple data set:
> 1) COUNTRY?! 2) profession? 3) insured? 4) if not, why not, if so, at what
> cost per month (or covered by job)?
> She had a statistician from a University come forward early and offer to
> manually start tabulating results (@aubreyjaubrey - as the article states)
> who mentioned she'd crack out a few hundred today. I quickly realized given
> the second round of U.S. Presidential debates tomorrow night, this could be
> a fascinating poll/study and I KNOW there have been people who have created
> tools that spider the Twitter API, could pull the data down, determine
> which accounts are sockpuppets and bots, segment out the non-formatted
> responses for later processing, process everything else, and even decompile
> URLs to determine which is spam and which isn't. Some people gave their
> response in Retweets, others added additional, useful commentary.
> So I put out a few calls for Big Data or Open Data companies and groups
> about the opportunity. If the information manages to get normalized in the
> next day before the debate, some useful statistics could come out. But the
> biggest issue is truly validating accounts. How many people could spout BS
> from an account they just started when perhaps a spider software could
> check the accounts for # of tweets, account age, # of valid accounts that
> follow it etc.
> Since FoRK has the greatest amount of data scientists, enthusiasts and
> people of like-mind on this list that I know, I thought I'd throw this idea
> out there. I see the opportunity, I know the tools are out there, I'm
> looking for them and I have the connections at the moment to possibly help
> get this done in a more timely and useful manner than if just done so
> manually - even if crowdsourced ad hoc. I'm not sure how much of the
> Twitter Account Validation will actually be done in this case.
> Thoughts? Insights? Anyone want to throw their hat in? Contact Amanda or
> Aubrey directly or email me. I'd love to see this get done.

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