[FoRK] Why Do So Many Republicans Really Hate Obama?

rst at ai.mit.edu rst at ai.mit.edu
Sun Oct 21 10:16:34 PDT 2012

Joseph S. Barrera III writes:
 > On 10/20/2012 12:26 AM, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
 >  > Silicon Valley is a homogeneous suburb the size of a small country. 
 > Social diversity is not part of the sales pitch.
 > What definition of Silicon Valley are we using today? Does it exclude 
 > all the ethnic communities and concentrations in San Jose, Fremont, 
 > Alviso, Cupertino, etc?
 > Race isn't probably the best proxy for social diversity, but it should 
 > at least help refute the "homogeneous" nonsense.

Well, you can have multiple communities on the same patch of land, or
physically intertwined patches, that just don't talk very much.  (See
"The City and The City" by China Mieville for a fictional treatment.
As for extreme examples in reality: one discussion of that book I've
seen featured a critic who, in his childhood, never encountered anyone
speaking French.  In Montreal.)

Some such division, at any rate, is the easiest way for me to make
sense of jobs for the taking in Silicon Valley, vs. an 8.5%
unemployment rate for Santa Clara county.  Different places, same


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