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Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 12 03:48:49 PST 2012

Not hardly.  If someone's going to post complaints about the impact of 
something then back up the claims.  Simple as that.

This has been case of 'give them enough rope'...

There's no nasty surprises, there's only the ill-informed.  Yes, it can be a 
rude awakening, but that's the result of the staggeringly incompetent 
approach many citizens have taken toward their healthcare and it's costs. 
Both here in the US and in your country as well (among others).

As for concepts and being informed, my wife is a partner in a firm that 
focuses almost exclusively on all aspects of employee benefits.  That and 
she's the practice leader of a group specializing in healthcare regulations. 
I'm well-acquainted with the issues involved.

This being one area where lots of folks put such tremendous energies into 
being WRONG about quite a lot of it.

-Bill Kearney

-----Original Message----- 

Sounds like you are asking for a tutorial on something you have no 
background to understand in the first place.  I'm not an American and I'm 
not a business owner.  But at least I have enough understanding of business 
fundamentals (loaded payroll costs and the impact that various tax rules can 
have on the benefit loading) to fully appreciate what he's saying.

Do you not get the concept of taxable benefits and especially the nasty 
surprises they can bring for the employee and/or the employer?

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