[FoRK] Reminder: ZSF launch event tomorrow! Please help spread the word if you can!

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Reminder: ZSF launch event tomorrow! Please help spread the word if you can!


ZSF - The Zero State Fund - is a mutual fund being planned by and for
Zero State citizens and friends.

This is an important historical opportunity for avowed Transhumanists
and others aware of a radically disruptive future to achieve a degree
of control over their collective fates by beginning to gather
resources and a degree of influence over how world events affect us.

It is particularly important that you inform yourself ahead of the
launch event by watching the Youtube presentation beforehand, and
thinking about it carefully. Please also allow yourself time to test
the Openqwaq client software (again, details below), to minimise the
chance of having any difficulties on the day.

The following message is from Anu (Rudiger Koch), regarding the ZSF
launch event on November 17th, 2012:

Hi all,

I'd like to invite you to the first virtual ZSF conference on Nov
17th, 18:00h UTC ( 05:00h ZST). This meeting will start where the
Youtube presentation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QihIz59sfxY) ends
- it will mainly be a panel discussion of the Zero State Fund (ZSF).

A video of the event will be published via this webpage
(http://zerostate.net/ZSF.html) immediately after discussion has
finished, and an email thread will be created for discussion of
pledges on the main Zero State mailing list:

Pledges are currently at $6,015 for options, $48,120 for shares. As
the minimum initial capital for a mutual fund in St.Kitts is $100,000,
we need at least $12,500 in pledges on options to reach that. But we
need to be a bit higher just to make sure.

Deadline for Pledges will be Nov 19, 24:00h ZST. If at this point we
have more than $15,000 in pledges, ZSF will happen, otherwise it will
be canceled and a chance for ZS to shape history will have passed

The Conference will take place in Openqwaq. Please get the client
software from:


Please ask Eugen [eleitl at zerostate.net] for a login.

We'll meet at the teleXLR8 Main Conference Hall.



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