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On 16 November 2012 16:18, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
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> Does ZS have a "loyal opposition"?  The presentation is appealing, but
> avoids revealing any weaknesses.
> Brief examples of triggers of doubt:
> Discussing BCI, without ever defining the acronym, suggests a mild but
> natural flavor of "inbreeding toward irrelevance."  It leaves me wondering
> if the group is too self-referential.
> Pitching Bitcoin as so highly profitable has all the hallmarks of an
> investment scam.  It leaves me wondering if the group is unaware of how
> that appears to outsiders.
> Can someone recommend a usable -- i.e., rational, moderate, concise --
> statement of ways in which ZS or bitcoin may ~not~ work as intended?
> Of what has not been said, but might ~need~ to be considered?
> Thanks,
> GS

These are very good points indeed. We are aware of a range of possible
failure modes, but haven't gone through them explicitly. I would
personally welcome people discussing them here and/or at tomorrow's
event, in the spirit of people participating with "open eyes". We do
*not* want to give anyone the impression that this is a "sure thing".
It is a high-risk-high-reward investment plan. That said, several of
the major failure modes allow people to walk away with their money
back, so it's not nearly as risky as it could be. I don't have time to
break down all the scenarios now, but would welcome people doing a
little scenario-exploration...


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