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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Nov 16 08:49:54 PST 2012

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 08:25:31AM -0800, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> Bitcoin, while elegant in theory, is blood money, tied cryptologically  

I understand that the favorite blood money of the world is the
greenback, with 500 EUR notes being a very weak contender.

Seriously, you can buy (almost) anything you want with
BTC https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade and the list is getting
longer day by day. E.g. Wordpress and Slysoft in the last 
couple days, the ones I noticed myself. And I plan to make
BTC acceptable in my own two commercial projects.

> to all the criminal activities that contributed to it's shared  

Speaking about blood, let's outlaw gold. And diamonds. 
And mobile phones http://bloodinthemobile.org/

> value--with it's participants condoning that criminal activity by being  
> compensated through accretive value by turning a blind eye to that very  
> same criminal activity.

Which criminal activity, particularly? I'm aware of a botnet
operator who mines BitCoin, and defrauds his victims for the
electricity cost, and extra bandwidth. There is malware which is
actually stealing your bitcoin wallets. That's not because your
wallets are criminal, but perhaps the users are criminally

Anything else? You don't mean drugs, do you?

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