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Rüdiger Koch rudiger.koch at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 12:29:07 PST 2012

It is always delightful to read how much bile people throw at Bitcoin who
should thank Satoshi on their knees. But then, they do the same with Linus
and Stallman.

2012/11/16 Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org>

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> You keep changing the subject.
> The idea that all money is equivalent is the argument bitcoin wants to
> make.

It doesn't. Bitcoin is commodity money. USD and all the rest is Fiat money.
Fiat money exists to extract money from people - it is fraud of the largest

That's not to say that bitcoin (or Napster which failed to do so) can't
> evolve past a criminal enterprise.

You are being offensive. I use Bitcoin very often, almost daily. Why do you
imply that these transactions are criminal? None of them were.

>  I was simply pointing out that it
> hasn't done so thus far and the mechanisms it's using are incentived so
> that investors have a vested stake to cover up or remain willfully
> ignorant of that criminal activity.

I suggest you support such serious allegations with at least some evidence.
Of what do you accuse me?

> In the RISKS part of the transhumanist/bci portfolio, the over-dependence
> on bitcoin should be spelled out as a specific risk, unless of course the
> ZS people truly believe they are post-logical and true believers, which
> would make them a cult and not the ultra-logical transhumanists they truly
> believe.

You guessed quite right. This is not a conservative portfolio comprising
0.3% interest govt bonds, some NYSE shares and some Nikkei shares.

> I'm not claiming what you state below, only that the market which was set
> up has yet to evolve past the tipping point.  Do you believe bitcoin has
> evolved past a criminal enterprise?

Again, this time you seem to accuse Satoshi Nakamoto himself to be the
mastermind behind  some --- what? Maybe you should get an informed opinion:
but then - maybe Stallman is a dirty criminal for you, too. After all, he
stole reputable corporations their well earned monopoly.


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