[FoRK] Bolcer

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Nov 16 13:15:42 PST 2012

You ignorant slut.

Please don't make me wade back in just to smack down your ridiculous chop-logic.  I had quite enough of sparring with you some, what, decade ago;  no appetite for it.  You clearly don't know a damn thing about money, currency, BTC, its ecosystem, or any of the rest of it.  Stick to what you know, chap;  I've been staring into the global financial singularity at microsecond resolution since '04, babe.  The same "blood money" (cough) "logic" could be abusively applied to the criticism of *any* conceivable technology.  Stop regurgitating the fear-mongering status-quo defenders' engineered memes.



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