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Julian's 7-page introduction to "Cypherpunks: Future and Freedom of
the Internet," titled "A Cryptographic Call to Arms."


Our review of the book:


A pretty good book well above the usual journalistic skim-coating
of crypto influence on technology, politics, economics. Reminds
that most publication on crypto is not by the actors but by
word smith marketers of publicity and reputation. Some of
that in the book, but offers exceptionally astute observations
among the four panelists who don't always agree. A wee bit
of humor, a bit more about Manning, a good bit of flattery of
Julian, and zero about the Swedish cloud overhanging Julian
in favor of obsession with US threats.

Jeremie Zimmermann is quite thoughtful and eloquent. Pay
attention to his comments.

Jacob Appelbaum calls the three youngsters "third-generation
cypherpunks." And pukes over the Navy cheerleading hacker
trainees with patriotic bombast.

Andy Muller-Murhgum notes the diversity in those opposing
authority by contrasts Italian hackers love of food with the
German hackers love of structure.

Julian's cloaking the book in Cypherpunks couture is worth

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