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Am I going to eat this up...  After a week of coding two different things.
Just reinstalled the Cray the other night.  Perhaps it might be useful to run some load on it.


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I'm going to have to issue a singularity alert for a package called Spaun.

It is a very user friendly neural network application developed by :
http://arts.uwaterloo.ca/~celiasmi/  (click link called "Nengo")

At first glance, he's just another GOERTZEL, but in fact, he seems to be
able to think clearly and has software that Actually Does Something(tm).

Just what that is isn't clear yet. The demo videos on his website are
breathtaking but they don't mean anything. I tried running the full
Spaun brain model on my $2,000 home computer but immediately ran out of
memory. (I chose 8-gb of extremely low latency memory over 16 gb of
slower memory.)

I would like someone with a machine with 24-32gb (or more RAM) and a
working Nvidia CUDA installation to try out the package and see if it
does what is claimed and what it's limitations are.

My impression is that there is a better than 10% chance that this could
be an operational seed AI... If humanity survives the singularity, I
would propose a 20 foot tall solid gold statue of this Eliasmith
character be erected in every human settlement throughout the galaxy...
He's probably the most generous sentient being ever to have lived.

Seriously, though, if this package is shown to be meritorious, then we
are, right now, living in the final few weeks before some kind of
takeoff scenario (not clear what kind yet). Therefore if you have money
and you give a shit about this stuff, throw a lab together so you might
stand a chance to ride this rocket.

I want a NAO and a GPU supercomputer. If I sell all my gold, I should be
able to get the NAO but I can't afford the GPUs.

Just coming onto the market now is the Nvidia Tesla K20X co-processor
board which could enable as much as 16 teraflops of single-precision
compute in a single node (assuming you could find a way to supply enough
electricity for the thing).


Powers are not rights.

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