[FoRK] Recommendations for a reliable subscription-based SSL VPN or proxy service for "secure, portable, virtual" office?

Ben (B.K.) DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Wed Dec 26 10:05:09 PST 2012

Hi all -

Hope everyone had/is having an enjoyable holiday break. I'm at my new
gig and thinking about being more vigilant regarding the separation of
personal life and work technologically. Any access of personal files
or activities, while at work, is done via a Portable Apps setup
through a Mountable TrueCrypt drive stored on DropBox.

It syncs regularly and while most of the activity is over SSL, I'd
like to ensure any and all activity being done from those particular
applications are done either over an encrypted hosted VPN or (if I
must) a hosted virtual machine that I can VPN/remote into from work.

I'm not trying to be surreptitious here at my new job, but at the same
time, I've been trying to find the sweet-spot to this "secure,
portable, backed-up virtual office" solution for a while and the VPN
or Virtual machine setup is my last piece.

I'm looking for something that's no more than $10-$30 a month. But I
am open to alternatives if I replace the dropbox solution.

Many thanks in advance for thoughts. I'll share what I come up with.

Ben DeLong (K3GRN)
bkdelong at pobox.com

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