[FoRK] Recommendations for a reliable subscription-based SSL VPN or proxy service for "secure, portable, virtual" office?

Lucas Gonze lucas.gonze at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 17:44:29 PST 2012

How does true crypt on Dropbox fall short, BK?

On Wednesday, December 26, 2012, Ben (B.K.) DeLong wrote:

> Hi all -
> Hope everyone had/is having an enjoyable holiday break. I'm at my new
> gig and thinking about being more vigilant regarding the separation of
> personal life and work technologically. Any access of personal files
> or activities, while at work, is done via a Portable Apps setup
> through a Mountable TrueCrypt drive stored on DropBox.
> It syncs regularly and while most of the activity is over SSL, I'd
> like to ensure any and all activity being done from those particular
> applications are done either over an encrypted hosted VPN or (if I
> must) a hosted virtual machine that I can VPN/remote into from work.
> I'm not trying to be surreptitious here at my new job, but at the same
> time, I've been trying to find the sweet-spot to this "secure,
> portable, backed-up virtual office" solution for a while and the VPN
> or Virtual machine setup is my last piece.
> I'm looking for something that's no more than $10-$30 a month. But I
> am open to alternatives if I replace the dropbox solution.
> Many thanks in advance for thoughts. I'll share what I come up with.
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