[FoRK] Bizarre Internet / Google problems, Dolphin

Lorin Rivers lrivers at mosasaur.com
Wed Jan 2 10:42:09 PST 2013

Fwiw, I was having intermittent connectivity issues yesterday. 

WiMAX is commonly heavily oversubscribed to make the business model work, so it could be that. 

Lorin Rivers

On Jan 2, 2013, at 11:52, "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> First, a week ago, Chrome stopped working on both of my main computers.  Had to uninstall and install the current version to get it working again, and on my laptop it always complains about a profile that has a version that is newer (than the newest version of Chrome).  Update gone bad?
> Then started having severe problems with Clear, .2Mbps vs. 5Mbps. Ongoing.  Weirdly, my 3 year old Clear/Wipipe works perfectly when activated.  Sometimes, Sprint WiMax (which uses Clearwire I understand), acts the same as the brand new Clear modem, sometimes it works OK.  One tech mentioned that he was seeing a lot of strange issues yesterday, the first day of 2013.  Y2013 bugs??  I did find the controversy from a couple years ago about Clear secretly throttling p2p users etc. while saying they had unlimited service. No p2p here lately, but it seems like it may be such throttling, although they don't seem to know about it since they're sending me a new modem to replace my apparently defective one.  Maybe those throttling features have accidentally been activated and triggered by Y2013.
> Now, noticing chronic problems on both computers that Chrome can't get to *.google.com while, on the same computers, Firefox works just fine with everything Google.  Tried both the ISP DNS and OpenDNS servers, same problems.  At one point yesterday, Chrome could get to www.google.com but couldn't get to the login portal.  Also noticed that when I type in google.com, it forwards to https://www.google.com.  At one point, bypassed the browser automated mapping and got to https://encrypted.google.com which worked.  But now *.google.com is completely broken in Chrome.
> Someone is lacking some testing these days.
> On the mobile front, in the free world at least, Dolphin has outclassed all other browsers by a wide margin lately.  Pretty amazing experience on a mobile device.
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