[FoRK] (Was: Other Stuff and) Dolphin

Ken Ganshirt @ Yahoo ken_ganshirt at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 2 14:53:16 PST 2013

--- On Wed, 1/2/13, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:

> Someone is lacking some testing these days.

Hope it gets sorted soon.  I just run FF and occasionally IE and rarely experience much of concern.

> On the mobile front, in the free world at least, Dolphin has
> outclassed all other browsers by a wide margin lately. 
> Pretty amazing experience on a mobile device.

Could you elaborate, eg. in what respect(s) does it outclass other mobile browsers?  

I get a little frustrated with the stock Android browser's inability to handle some parts of some sites and am always looking for something better.  I've tried a number of alternatives.  I thought FF would be nice so I could sync it with my desktops and notebook.  But I genuinely do not get the mobile version.  It's like the UI was written for someone from a different planet.  I'm sure it makes sense somehow but I haven't the patience to figure it out.  

Any of the others I've tried were, on balance, about the same as the stock Android browser.  That is, they worked better for some things the stock browser fails on but they have warts of their own to approximately a similar degree of annoyance.  So I stopped looking awhile back.  Got tired of the aggravation of never finding one that was, overall, truly Better.

So I'm genuinely interested in how/why Dolphin outclasses the others.  Please and thanks.  :-)


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