[FoRK] suburban solar

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Jan 3 14:18:25 PST 2013

Our new place has a 2.1kw solar panel integrated into the 
roof/building.  Other significant power is natural gas.  All of the 
wiring etc. is hidden.  Kind of fun to watch the meter spin backward at 
a pretty good clip.  There is a minimum service charge of <$5/mo. 
although we'll probably use a bit more than the solar budget.

Seems like we have room for at least 2-4 more units, although there 
doesn't seem to be much point, at least not until we can buy used 
evehicle battery storage units.


On Thu Jan  3 07:40:54 2013, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> 1) Transportation of small amounts of electricity is still the longest tent in the pole or the hardest nut to crack, so
> capture/generation has to be decentralized as close to consumption as possible for that level.
> 2) Don't ever own the equipment. Surcharges are their way to get a very large percentage of any tax incentive, rebate, or private
> program funding that you would qualify for.  If you don't qualify for one, don't agree to any surcharges.
> On 1/3/2013 12:52 AM, Dave Long wrote:
>> Eugen has long championed suburban solar; apparently my electricity
>> company agrees[0].
>> The basic rate here is a bit under 15 ct/kWh, and the electric company
>> is currently offering to lease photovoltaic production (with an
>> estimated production of 150 kWh/m^2 per year) at 290 ct/m^2 per month
>> Hmmm... upon calculation that seems like a hefty surcharge[1] to absorb
>> their weather risk[2].
>> -Dave
>> [0] at least with the solar part, not sure where they intend to put the
>> plant(s).
>> [1] for comparison, without any lease arrangement one can pay a
>> surcharge of 0,3 ct/kWh for hydro production, and a surcharge of 3
>> ct/kwH for low-head hydro.
>> [2] to be fair, they clearly state the surcharge in their FAQ ... and
>> suggest that one compare it to the likely costs of self-production.

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